Exclusive NFTs from the First Authentic Banksy Burning

Burnt Banksy
2 min readMar 12, 2021

On March 11 at 12 PM EST, the Burnt Banksy collective will release exclusive NFTs from the first authentic Banksy burning.

The collections can be found on the official Burnt Banksy Rarible page: Link

This address is the real me: 0x47ac8016b1640694b65405a63565addd4b11b468

We made history last week with the burning of a Banksy and now we shocked the world for better or for worse. We especially love how Matt Levine reacted to this.

Our goal has always been to bridge together the world of physical art with NFTs and now it seems the entire world has our attention.

In memory of this event, we wanted to present an exclusive NFT collection that will allow you to own a piece of this moment in history.

Collection One: Authentic Banksy Burn Witness

We will mint 1,000 pieces of a picture from the actual event itself. This NFT will depict the painting being burned so that everyone will have a chance to own a piece of history.

Each piece is being priced at 0.2 ETH to make it accessible for everyone. After 7 days, any unsold pieces will be permanently burned.

This collection will be the only Burn Witness pieces ever minted.

You can find the Authentic Burn Witness Collection here

Closing Remarks

We would like to thank the wonderful community of creators and NFT enthusiasts that have continued to support us in our journey so far.

We look forward to collaborating with more artists in order to bring more attention to the world of NFTs moving forward.



Burnt Banksy

We burned the first ever authentic Banksy and made it into an NFT. On a mission to bridge the world of physical and digital art #NFT